Detoxification Programs

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We live in a toxic world. In fact, most babies are already born with a toxic burden. Nature has created awesome pathways to deal with toxins, but these days people do little to detox naturally. They never fast, they rarely sweat, they don’t get enough rest or sunshine. They do not eat nutrient-dense foods and they live in mentally and emotionally toxic social environments. Our bodies may not even recognize some of the chemicals in our modern-day toxic soup or know what to do with them. Detoxification is a natural function of our body that is happening all the time, but it is easy to see how our bodies can become overloaded.

We are being exposed all the time. This may be due to things we can control and things we cannot. We are exposed through the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the chemicals we put on our skin, spray in the air, wash our clothes with, the off-gassing from furniture and building materials, plastics, herbicides, pesticides, and toxins emitted from mold. Even if a study on a chemical has demonstrated that it is safe in certain quantities, what happens when you combine one chemical with hundreds of others? We have no idea. Not to mention that there are hundreds of thousands of chemicals that have never been tested for safety. Aside from persistent organic pollutants (POPs), we are seeing more mercury toxicity likely due to contaminated fish, and high levels of uranium likely from the fact that there is uranium mining near our water source in Las Vegas, the Colorado River.

Aside from external toxins, we also have internal toxins our bodies must deal with. Hormones like estrogen are toxic and must be broken down into safe metabolites. Even just the act of producing energy to live creates reactive oxygen species (free radicals) that our bodies must buffer or they will damage to our DNA. Overwhelmed with toxins, our bodies are left with little resources to manage normal cellular cleaning. Environmental pollutants put a burden on every cell in our body. They are endocrine disruptors and can directly damage mitochondria and DNA. A toxic exposure may be all that is necessary for a susceptible person, to be pushed over the edge into an acute or chronic illness. Many disorders are linked to toxins like ADHD, autism, neurologic disorders like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, respiratory disorders infertility, and cancer. Children who have been exposed to toxins have many problems including poor concentration and performance in school and behavioral problems.

Toxins can also be the cause of weight gain. Many toxins are fat soluble, and your body tries to protect itself and get rid them by packaging them up and storing them in fat. Some people are actually carrying around additional fat because of toxins. When you lose weight, you release toxins back into your system which is why proper nutrition and safe detoxing are critical during a weight loss program.

It can be assumed that all people have some degree of toxic burden and these days all people should consciously incorporate detoxification actions into their lifestyle both on a daily basis and larger detoxing once or twice a year. We can help you develop your detoxification plan. Once you begin to detox you will begin to feel great again. A feeling you may not even be familiar with its been so long. For young people and old alike detoxification can make all the difference in how they feel. There are many steps we take to help you through a safe detox. Of key importance is nutrition. Nutrition supports your detoxification pathways in more ways than most people can really appreciate and is the foundation of our detoxification programs. We also help you remove toxins from your life and use several therapeutic approaches to remove them from your body.

[ Zenestar is not Currently Taking New Functional Medicine Patients ]