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Sculptra is one of our favorite anti-aging treatments and truly a secret weapon for many who want to reverse age without anyone being able to figure out what they’ve done to look so good. As we age, we lose collagen and bone. The fat pads start to sink down or disappear.  All of this makes us look hollow, saggy, and wrinkly. Sculptra Aesthetic® is an FDA- approved injectable that helps to gradually replace lost collagen and can add structure and volume to your facial structure as well as refine the skins appearance depending on the technique used and skill of the injector.  

Sculptra Aesthetic is a biodegradable, biocompatible synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid, which is basically suture material. When the microbeads of PLLA are injected, either under the skin or near the bone, they stimulate your body to build collagen around them. Over time all the material dissolves and you are left with your own collagen. Sculptra builds collagen over time so unlike dermal fillers you will not see immediate results. The result is a subtle, refined look that’s youthful without seeming fake.

Where can Sculptra be used?

Sculptra can be used in areas where there are:

  • Lines and folds such as nasoloabial folds, marionettle lines, smile lines
  • Where skin is wrinkly or crepey, like lower cheeks and chest
  • Where there are hollows, like the temples and below the cheek bones
  • Where volume and structure are needed, like the cheeks and jawline

For other areas of concern, speak with your provider. Sculptra can NOT be used in the lips or tear troughs under the eyes.

Who is a good candidate for Sculptra?

  • People who have shallow to deep wrinkles such as: smile lines, marionette lines
  • People concerned with hollowness and/or loss of volume due to aging, weight loss, etc.
  • Those who understand that with Sculptra collagen is induced over time and is NOT a quick fix
  • Has no contraindications to treatment

We require a quick consultation prior to treatment to be sure that Sculptra is the right treatment for you. There are things you can do before and after treatment that will help reduce side effects and maximize results. For example, do not take any blood thinners, fish oils, or drink alcohol 3-7 days before treatment. You will be given this information at the time you book your appointment.

Who should NOT get Sculptra?

   You should not get Sculptra if you are:

  • immunocompromised or suffer from an autoimmune disorder
  • prone to keloid formation or a history of hypertrophic scarring
  • allergic to suture material or products used during procedure like lidocaine
  • pregnant or breast feeding
  • on anticoalgulant therapy or bleeding disorder
  • have implants near the area to be injected

Is this treatment painful?

Most clients report a minimal level of discomfort during the procedure.  We have anesthetic options to make you as comfortable as possible. Lidocaine is used both topically and in the solution injected. Ice can also be used as needed.

What can I expect post-treatment?

Common side effects include:  mild redness, swelling, tenderness, injection site pain, bruising, nodules, itching. Most of the swelling is due to the volume of water injected with the product that absorbs within 1-2 days. After which time you will not look like you did anything. To reduce the occurrence of nodules you will be required to massage the treated areas for 5 minutes, 5 x day, for 5 days. There is virtually no downtime. You can resume your daily life almost immediately after treatment.

 How many sessions will I need?

During your consultation your provider will recommend how many vials you will need. The number of injections may differ from one client to another depending on degree of correction needed. The general rule of thumb for Sculptra is one vial per decade of life. So if you’re in your 40’s, you will most likely need 4 vials. Usually 2 vials can be given per session. Most people have 2-3 sessions spaced over 3-4 months.

When will I see results?

 Results appear gradually over the course of treatment. Results may begin to show within 3-4 months and will continue to improve up to 2 years or more.

 How long do the results last?

Sculptra studies show that it lasts up to 2 years but in clinical practice we see Sculptra last for several more years depending on the natural ability of the patient to build collagen or their rate of breaking it down, which depends on many factors including age, genetics and lifestyle.

 How much does it cost?

 On average Sculptra is about $600 per vial. This is about the same cost as a syringe of filler, but the results last longer.

Before and After 2 sessions of Sculptra Aesthetic

After 2 sessions of Sculptra Aesthetic®

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New Client Promotion: $50 Off Services $300 or More / $100 Off Services $600 or More