Hair Restoration

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A nice head of hair is important for men and women. Thinning hair, especially when the scalp begins to show can be very concerning, especially for women. Other concerns may include extreme shedding, lack luster hair, a scalp that is oily or very dry and flakey.

Many factors can contribute to these problems such as hormones, nutrition, toxins, stress, illness, and more. Our goal is to discover the root cause of your hair condition so that we can better develop a therapeutic plan for optimal results. Call us for a consultation.

The best time to address hair loss is when you first begin noticing changes in your hair and scalp, i.e. before you go bald. Depending on how much hair you currently have, a hair transplantation may be your best option. Hair restoration works best with a combination of treatments which can include balancing hormones, nutrient optimization, stress reduction, detoxification, topical or oral hair support, DHT blockers, or medication. We will provide an initial evaluation and discuss various options with you. Hair evaluations take about a half-hour. 

If you are interested in getting your luscious hair back call or book online for a consultation and appointment.

Call (702) 987-0400   Book an Appointment Online