How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

A question we get asked frequently is how much lip fillers cost- so we thought we would try to answer it in the form of a blog. Prices vary depending on the area you live in and within an area from practice to practice, but we are going to answer for Zenestar Lifestyle Medicine and Aesthetics located in beautiful Las Vegas. Even though we are focusing on lip filler, these prices apply to dermal fillers for all uses.

In general, one syringe of lip filler costs about $500-$575. The range depends on the brand chosen. The look you are going for will help the provider choose the product and number of syringes. Some products have a very smooth consistency and are perfect for those who want a very natural and hydrated look. Some products have more “thickness” and are able to plump the body of the lips and define borders, for those who desire fullness and definition.

Many people get beautiful and natural results from one syringe. However, those who have very thin lips or want a fuller look may need two. If you need two syringes in your lips we will do it in two sessions, usually 2-4 weeks apart, for these reasons: First, we like to see the results from one syringe– you can always add more. Second, it’s a lot easier to put in another syringe than dissolve one if you don’t like it. Finally, because lips can swell, putting in one syringe at a time minimizes swelling by putting less pressure on the tissue and surrounding blood vessels.

When it comes to cosmetic treatments look for deals. We always offer discounts in one way or another. For example, if you need more than one filler, we offer a 10% discount. That is an instant $100 or more off two syringes. We also offer packages like our Liquid Facelift which is full correction with a wrinkle relaxer plus two syringes of filler. Normally this would cost $1725 but the package saves you $325 and will only cost $1400. Sometimes products are on sale. Manufacturers offer reward money for signing up and using their products, this can save you $20-60 every time you go in for treatments! Two other ways we help you save on treatments is through our referral and membership programs. When you refer a friend who gets treatment, you and your friend get $25. This can really add up. Just think- four friends equal $100 in your wallet to use for anything we provide in our office- health or beauty! Our membership program is like a health and beauty layaway program that helps you save every month for big purchases at discounted prices which can save you additional hundreds annually.

As always, our consultations are free. We know that decisions regarding facial aesthetics are a big deal and you need to be comfortable with the person providing your service and the price you are paying before you make your decision. We look forward to helping you look and feel your best at a price you can afford. Be sure to ask your provider how you can save!