Medical Spas for Millennials – Take Care of Your Skin

Medical Spas for Millennials – Take Care of Your Skin

In this technology-driven, social media-influenced world, the age demographic that shares the most selfies on social media is hands down the millennial generation (anyone born between 1981-1996). This group of young men and women have taken social media by storm as heavy hitting influencers whose faces have become what their peers are comparing themselves to. We are seeing a rapidly growing force of millennials coming in for cosmetic injectables because they want to put their best face forward. Regardless of the social media platform, you will notice the selfie is extremely prevalent on most millennial’s feed. It’s no coincidence that we’ve seen growing numbers of millennials coming in for injectables. It’s a form of “keeping up with the Joneses.” What’s interesting and kind of a relief is that most of these millennials come in well educated about the service they want. They’ve done lots of research, and they understand the risks and benefits. They can afford the treatment, and they will make any sacrifices necessary to financially be able to keep up with subsequent treatments.

There is in fact such a thing as preventative cosmetic injectables. Starting cosmetic injections in your 20’s doesn’t mean you will be locked in forever, but it does give your skin a fighting chance to help lessen the effects of age over time. I believe the best time to start treating a young client is when the areas of concern have lines that hang out even after the expression is relaxed. Typically, this would be around mid-20’s, however there are a lot of contributing factors like skincare and lifestyle.

I want to take a moment to share my personal skin story, because I think it’s relatable, but more importantly maybe someone can learn from my mistakes. I started getting the typical teen hormonal breakouts around 13-14 years old, and like so many young teens I would slather (way too much might I add) a super strong cream acne treatment from the drugstore. I would end up with a breakout that still lingered and extremely dry skin from over-treating with the product. I was inconsistent with my skincare, and didn’t bother to ask for help from a pro. Moving on into my late teens- early 20’s, I was still dealing with acne, but now even worse because I was wearing a ton of makeup: caked on foundation and concealer, my poor skin dying to breathe! I had this bad habit of going to bed with a full face of makeup on, too lazy to wash my face. I was getting some bad cystic acne around my jawline and cheeks, which was not only painful, but hard on my self-esteem. I used tanning beds, I didn’t wear sunscreen on my face on a daily basis, barely drank any water, and I didn’t eat a very healthy diet. These bad habits crept into my late 20’s and early 30’s, but unfortunately now the lack of skincare had already taken its toll. In my early 30’s when my face was at rest I could see the fine lines getting more and more pronounced. I was STILL suffering from acne. Around age 34 I finally got it together and watched a bunch of YouTube videos observing influencers doing their skincare regimen. I invested in some good quality products, kept consistent with a morning and bedtime skincare routine, chose to wear a little less makeup, and guess what? Finally, my skin started to improve over time. Unfortunately, even amazing skincare can’t fix everything, and that is when I turned to injectables at the age of 37. I realized that even the most expensive products, the best makeup, and a consistent regimen just weren’t cutting it, and I looked a little haggard. I looked in the mirror and even on my most well rested day, I still looked tired. My first time getting cosmetic injectables I got Botox (forehead, 11-lines, eyes) and Restylane Defyne (filler) for my lips and marionette lines. It was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I shouldn’t have waited that long before getting cosmetic injectables. The treatment gave me the best confidence boost ever! Even when I don’t get a good night’s sleep (which is often because I have a 2-year-old) I still look rested because my fine lines are almost undetectable. I know it can be expensive to keep up with cosmetic injectables, but I see it as investment in myself, and that’s the best investment of all if you ask me. Injectables combined with a consistent skincare routine is now priority self-care for me.

To my fellow millennials: Learn from my mistakes. Don’t ever feel guilty for investing in yourself. Take care of your skin.

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